When importing or exporting, the right paperwork is crucial.
If you export goods to countries outside the EU (known as ‘third countries’), you must have the appropriate licences and make export declarations to customs.


Failure to obtain correct documents can lead to…..

-   VAT zero rating being disallowed

-   Penalties - inability to provide export declarations to VAT inspection officers will lead to heavy penalties and percentage unpaid VAT taxes.

-   Costly delays at the port/airport/border



EORI number.

Before you can export goods abroad you must have EORI number. It can be obtained within 3 days. You can apply for it at HMRC website, or we can do it for you quickly and efficiently. Contact us on number above for details and help.


How to make an Export Declaration.

1.         After goods are sold, and ready to be exported, contact us via phone or email, and be ready to provide following                  documents:
– Sale invoice.
– Vehicle logbook.

2.        We aim to send you all necessary documents to you email within 30 minutes.
Now, print all received paperwork and give it to buyer together with your invoice.

3.        Before leaving UK, buyer needs to present vehicle to Freight Clarence Office ( in Dover ).  Usually it will take around             15-30 minutes to register export.

4.         Now goods can leave UK and travel via Europe to EU exit border. When they arrive at EU border control,  EAD must be presented to customs officer.
We will receive GOODS EXPORTED note, and forward it to you.


Export Declaration and Goods Exported Note are your official evidence of export – to support VAT zero rating.


Price for Export Declaration for SINGLE unit  - 35.00 pounds + VAT.


England-Export team.